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Qualities of Good Bookkeeping
Qualities of Good Bookkeeping

Ask any accountant across North America about the quality of the bookkeeping they receive at year end and they will put forth some heated and mixed opinions.

At this time in Canada, anyone with a rudimentary understanding of bookkeeping can call themselves a bookkeeper. Unfortunately, for the good bookkeepers out there, having to live with the bad rap that the poor and mediocre bookkeepers have engendered goes with the territory. Earning trust and referrals from accountants is made doubly difficult by this underperformance.

If you are looking for a "quality" bookkeeping service, ensure the freelance or contract bookkeeper provides "accountant” references and not just “client” references. Many times clients can be family, friends or a past place of employment. Not exactly the kind of unbiased referral you are looking for to ensure you are hiring a “good” experienced bookkeeper.

Ask for a detailed quote of their services for you to sign. Most importantly, request a "Certificate of Insurance". They must be insured! Far too often, this is neglected and you will have little or no recourse if their bookkeeping skills have you ending up in hot water with the government.

For more details, check out our “Articles” section in this website and look for "Qualities of a Good Freelance Bookkeeper".

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